Ques 1 - What is all about Track Business opportunity ?
Ans 1 - The Concept to have "Fun while you Earn".

Ques 2 - How much investment required to start the Track Business ?
Ans 2 - We recommend minimum five vehicles investment whereas if required we can start with three vehicles as well.

Ques 3 - How much land is required to start the Track ?
Ans 3 - Approx.20,000 Sq.ft excluding Parking and Cafeteria.

Ques 4 - Where can we start Off Road Track ?
Ans 3 - It can be started anywhere within city or in outskirts of the city.

Ques 5 - Does Off Road Track need any government approval ?
Ans 5 - Local Municipal Corporation are required to inform along with the amusement/entertainment license.

Ques 6 - Who will be responsible for making Track and its branding ?
Ans 6 - Track design/layout could be provided by Polaris India whereas the entire civil work is the sole responsibility of track owner, Whereas branding support will be from Polaris India subject to minimum purchase of 5 vehicle.

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