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Explore Polaris

Polaris Range of Multi Utility Vehicles

The range of off-road vehicles offered by Polaris is undoubtedly one of the best in the market. It is designed to perfection for providing the maximum power, durability, higher loading capacity and superior manoeuvrability. The easy to use, hardworking multi-utility range of vehicles by Polaris is built specially for extreme performance and sturdiness. They are used in various industries as below Defence & Police: Polaris Military vehicles are true solution for easy movement to military in tough off-road terrains like hills, forest, snow, water, marshy land, desert, rocky land etc. Built to match the tough working of the Defence and Police, reaching the unreachable, achieving the impossible has become easily attainable with the range of Polaris Vehicles. Polaris “Light Tactical Vehicles” will be most suitable in anti-insurgency, anti-terrorist & anti-naxal operations for quickest movement in guerrilla war strategies.

Agriculture: More ploughing power, tougher built, higher loading capacity, better manoeuvrability, and easy to handle, the agriculture range provides the option of achieving the maximum and best results for all farming needs.

Construction: The versatile, dependable and durable construction range helps in making the difficulties of construction easy. Designed for extreme conditions, these workhorses are available in a range of models to suit every requirement.

Tourism: Explore the unexplored, create new possibilities and enjoy the beauty of nature with the maximum comfort provided by the tourism range of Polaris.

Forest Patrolling: Ideally suited for deep jungles, marshy lands and rough terrain, Polaris range of vehicles will easily go in such areas. Forest Patrolling Range of Polaris will make sure that the journey is filled with possibilities and comfort.

Mining: Specialized designs, extreme power, higher loading capacity and easy to use Polaris Mining Range helps you in utilizing the available resources to give you maximum productivity with ease.

Adventure: Explore what few dare to explore, make the impossible possible, Experience the new definition of adventure created by the adventure range of Polaris.

Coastal Patrolling and Beach Rescue: Safety sees a new high with the Polaris range of beach rescue vehicles, which dare to go into the marshy lands reaching out to the aid of the needy right on the spot, in a faster and more efficient way.

Polaris Experience Zone:Polaris experience zones give off-road enthusiasts a taste of what it’s like to wade through the most rugged terrain showcasing the ability of the Polaris products doing what they’re best at.

Polaris Experience Zone   Polaris Experience Zone
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