Why Purchase Polaris Ranger RZR in India

Ranger XP® 800The Indian Off Road Vehicle market received a boost with the entry of Polaris, a brand name synonymous with snowmobile and ATVs worldwide. Polaris has launched quite a few models like the Polaris Sportsman series, Polaris Ranger series in India.

Among them, the launch of the Polaris Ranger RZR has been a huge success, thanks to its excellent features which are apt for the needs of Indian riders.

Here are some reasons out of the many, for you to buy a Polaris Ranger RZR.

  • It has increased ground clearance across all payloads.
  • Getting in and out of the vehicle has been made easier with special side nets.
  • It has higher durability due to the installation of rubber jounce bumper in shock assembly.
  • It has a rear cargo box with 300-lb for carrying more load.
  • The passenger side glove box has higher storage space and has been made water resistant.
  • The tilt steering feature and adjustable passenger hand rail provides a comfortable riding experience.
  • The RZR also features a long wheel base with front and rear Dual A-Arm for smooth riding experience.

So if you are looking for a utility and re-creational vehicle which is smooth to ride and also very versatile with excellent safety features, the Polaris Ranger RZR suites your requirements the best. Also, if you are looking for a sports vehicle, you can choose the Sportsman series by Polaris which has powerful engine and provides a smooth riding experience. Both Polaris Ranger and Polaris Sportsman series is highly valued in the Off Road market.

Where do you take your Polaris ATV? Let us know!

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