Why do the Police Need Extra Features in their Vehicles?

Law enforcement officers have to depend on their equipment to stay efficient and safe when the stakes are high. A very critical equipment in the routine of a law enforcement team such as a police troop, is their vehicle. They demand peak performance off their rides which is why all police and defence vehicles include top-of-the-line features.

Why do the Police Need Extra Features in their Vehicles

Police vehicles come with cutting-edge safety features ,an impressive cargo carrying and towing capacity; all this is readily made available to them at highly efficient ownership costs.

Why do Police need Specially Constructed Vehicles?

The main reasons why they need such extra features in their vehicles are as follows:

  • Police men and defence personnel use their all-terrain vehicles to take care of a lot of things.
  • Their tasks include patrolling beats, chasing down suspects, storing up gear, restraining criminals and also maintain all communications links/channels.
  • There are several specialized police vehicles which are built to do even more than the above.
  • These vehicles are also more rugged than their civilian counterparts because they are designed to hold a battery of high-tech (as well as low-tech) equipment within.
  • They need high horsepower engines to patrol in the city as well as all-terrain vehicles such as ATVs, pick-up trucks or SUVs to cover areas with a rugged terrain.
  • They have a special outwardly look with designs, graphics and different coloured paints so that the car looks distinctive and is easy to see from a distance. They also contain a light bar on the roof held by a reinforced roof.
  • Wideband radio is another special equipment that enables police personnel to broadcast on special frequency ranges; these are again set aside for their use only.

Thus, the list above depicts a few reasons why police personnel and other law enforcing agencies need specially equipped defence vehicles. These features assist them in their task thereby restoring law and order in an area.

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