Understanding the Various Parts of a Dirt Bike

Quad bikes or dirt bikes can be described as motorcycle like vehicles that have four large wheels. These are specifically designed for carrying out agricultural tasks, adventure sporting, Beach – Forest patrolling and other off-road uses. These dirt bikes are motorcycles specifically designed for uneven terrains such as dirt, sand, muddy trails, rocky patches and gravelly surfaces.
Polaris Dirt Bike PartsMost dirt bikes differ from regular motorcycles because they have special tires and heavy ground clearance; these are optimized features for exclusive dirt riding that cannot be seen in vehicles driven on pavements. Here is a brief understanding about the parts of a dirt bike.

✓Chassis is the basic frame with suspension attached and is generally made of steel or aluminium. It carries the weight of the entire vehicle.
✓Wheels in these bikes have special tyres to handle rough terrains.
✓These bikes are classed into engine displacement categories that usually include a cc in their name for easy identification.
✓Brakes are strong and powerful handle the uneven and bumpy trails while riding.
✓They have a chain, belt or shaft driven final drive system.

Sportsman 570 EFIOne type of dirt bikes is lighter than regular motorcycles. These vehicles come without fairings or plush extras because the main purpose is to boost speeds and deliver power packed performances on off road trails. These are also bereft of extra creature comforts such as soft seats or passenger backrests. There is also another range of ATV (quad bikes or dirt bikes). They are heavy and powerful machines that have a muscular look. Hopefully the information provided above provides an insight into the parts of a dirt bike in India.

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