Understanding of Polaris Electric Vehicles

The latest electric vehicles launched by Polaris India have been designed to keep up with all sorts of uses. These vehicles have been perfected with meticulous research and technology so that they can be used for neighborhood, campus, and property transportation. The company has a versatile two seater as well as a four seater for passenger transportation. These have been launched under the tag names of GEM E2 and E4.
Polaris GEM E2Both the GEMs have a futuristic look ad deliver an impressive visual appeal. Some other features of these vehicles are as follows:

  • They have a powerful 72 volt battery that can be charged on-board through a plug-in port.
  • They are lightweight owing to the aluminum framework that is equally strong and ductile.
  • For superior safety, these vehicles are equipped with a 3point safety seat belt.
  • They also have advanced suspensions that assist in a 4 wheel braking so that the vehicles come to a smooth straight halt.

Polaris GEM E4

The E2 has been manufactured keeping in mind the needs of parking enforcements teams and patrolling teams like police, public safety bodies. While the GEM E2 has been specifically designed for such passenger/valet transport, the E4 is meant for student, guest and client transportation. So E4 GEMs are being extensively ordered by corporate house for on-campus travelling purposes. They use them for site touring and for neighborhood commuting services as well. On the other hand E2s are being ordered by patrolling teams. Best part is that all Polaris GEM vehicles are covered under the 2 year vehicle protection plan. So a customer can be rest assured that these vehicles are being sourced from a trustworthy company.

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