Tips to Keep In Mind While Using Polaris Youth ATV

Polaris youth ATVsThe Polaris youth ATVs are designed for off road driving on jagged tracks. Muddy stretches, farm floors and grassy fields are basically served by these ATVs to dole out odd jobs. The Polaris Youth ATVs or all terrain vehicles have 4 low pressure tyres that are steered with handle bars.  Single ride or double seater models are available. These ATVs are utility based vehicles and are not meant for racing.

At Polaris, we stress hard on the fact that young and inexperienced riders are not physically capable of handling power-packed weighty ATVs. Hence, our engineers have come up with lesser engine capacity rides that do not acquire high speeds; some are incorporated with parental control features to ensure a young rider’s safety. Here’s a list of a few important tips for young ATV junkies out there.

**Young ATV riders ought to be physically and mentally strong enough to manoeuvre these mean machines. Riding an ATV calls for good hand to eye coordination, emotional maturity, visual perceptions and instant reasoning for vehicle manipulation. Parents must supervise the rider. Kids below the age of 10 should never be allowed to hop onto an ATV, however small in size the ATV may be.

**The youngster must undertake proper preparation and practice in advance. Polaris regularly conducts workshops and ATV events for new bees. Several licensed instructors also offer training programs offering professional ATV riding related guidance. Every first timer should make it a point to attend one of these.

**Passenger riding is unadvisable for below 16 year olds as proper ATV managing skills like speed control using weight shifting tactics are tricky for a new rider.

**The driver must be dressed in Polaris endorsed safety gears like helmets, eye gear, riding outfit, high ankle boots etc. Polaris safety merchandise is available in all the company dealership outlets.

**Only the designated trails must be ridden upon. Polaris youth ATVs should never be driven on concrete roads.

Polaris strives hard to improve the design of the youth ATV range every year through methodical R&D. Even then, a young Ranger RZR 170, Sportsman 90 or Outlaw 90/50 rider must follow these tips before indulging into off-road driving.

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