Tips to Drive a Dirt Bike for Extreme Adventure

Buying or borrowing a dirt bike and taking it out for a quick spin on Indian terrains might seem alluring. But all riders, whether they are pros or beginners, must be aware of a few tips and tricks to handle a dirt bike. These tips can help them make the most out of an adventurous ride.

Polaris Dirt Bike

✓A rutted right hander on a dirt bike or an off-road motorcycle calls for a right hander stand-up entry. The rider can brake hard while still standing with the weight backwards and elbows held up. This is a perfect position to brace hard while braking. Then the foot needs to be moved off the brake pedal and slowly body weight is brought forward into a seated position and in a swift go, the rider needs to enter the rut. While rutting the foot needs to be extended parallel to the rut, left elbow must be held high and the rider must lean with the bike till the rut ends.

✓Dragging the rear brake helps to keep the rear wheel from kicking up on bumpy terrains with obstructions. This is a way to hold the rear suspension together as much as possible.

✓There is no need to clutch during a down shift. It just needs to be held while braking otherwise the steadiness of braking reduces. Besides the transmission already has torque from the engine’s power.

✓During over gripping, one must always hold up the elbows away from the sides.

Basically, standing up lowers the centre of gravity which is why control increases and the dirt bikes are manoeuvred on muddy trails easily. Thus be it an ATV or a dirt bike, adventure riding is always enthralling on bumpy and muddy tracks if the right tricks are followed.

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