The Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

Electric VehiclesElectric vehicles like battery powered cars and ATVs are the future of transportation technology. They are emission free, energy efficient and convert renewable energy into motion. But they do not attain high speeds like their internal combustion engine counterparts. These advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles in India have been described below:


**EVs better known as electric vehicles are pollution free. They run on batteries that are powered through electricity.

**The engines convert almost the entire chemical energy of the batteries into motion as opposed to the 20% of fuel energy converted by IC engines.

**These electrical motors offer a smooth and soundless operation. The acceleration is strong and overall maintenance charges are low.

**These vehicles including the electric powered ATVs have a life cycle at the end of which they need to be disposed. The battery is fully recyclable and can be reused as well.


**Despite being pollution free, Indian electric vehicles still procure environmental costs because they run on electricity which is again generated by burning fossil fuels like coal.

**Electrical vehicles can cover only up to 100 miles before recharging unlike gasoline automobiles that can cover as much as 300 miles with one full tank.

**Full recharge time can be as long as 8 hours. So a driver might get indefinitely stranded when the vehicle runs out of charge.

**The batteries used in ATVs that run on electricity are very costly and need to be changed once or more in the vehicle. Furthermore, these batteries are huge and occupy a lot of vehicle space.

Research has proven that EVs that run on electricity produced from coal powered generators can reduce carbon footprint of the vehicle by as much as half of what it would have emitted if there were an IC engine. This energy consumption would be even lesser if the generator was powered from a cleaner energy source. Research on highly efficient electric vehicles is still on in India and with every year, the EV technology is improving rapidly.

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