Snow Mobiles Riding in India – Accident Risks and Prevention

Northern India, especially the Himalayan range and areas close by experience flurry snowfall every year during the winter months. These regions are surrounded by snow-capped mountains, coniferous snow-clad trees and snow laden valleys where snowmobiling can be exhilarating. But Indian adventure sports enthusiasts are mostly novice riders who are unaware about the accidents risks and prevention techniques concerning this sport.

Safety Tips for Snowmobile Riding

There are several safety tips & measures one must take while riding his snowmobile. Read here:

◙ It is idiotic to combine snowmobiling and alcohol. The sport requires one to quickly react and alcohol slows down the rider’s reaction time.

◙ It is advisable to ride with a group of other riders. In worst cases, two people must drive together.

◙ Safety gear that is certified for use in snowmobiling such as appropriate helmet, gloves, and proper cold weather body gear must be worn for complete protection.

◙ Supplies such as food, water, first aid kits and emergency repair equipment for bike must be always carried along during a ride. If possible, keep a 2-way radio handy.

◙ Snowmobiles must not be driven after dusk. The visibility reduces drastically that can   cause problem to the driver.

◙ While riding, it is advisable to slow down near trees, rocks, boulders, people, vehicles or other obstacles.

Although, in almost all the latest snowmobiles like Polaris Rush Pro R ES India, complete safety gears come with the model. But then also you must obey all the safety measures.

If a rider keeps the above accident risk and prevention related points in mind, his or her snowmobile spin can be safe, fun filled and memorable too!

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