Simple Steps To Ensure a Safe ATV Adventure

India, with its plains, mountains, oceans and deserts, is proving to be popular for the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) sport. If you are new to this sport, remember, as with every adventure sport, quad riding also comes with its own set of dangers, that need to be carefully addressed before riders can pack on their gear and zoom into the terrain.

1. Training Course – An ATV is a powerful vehicle with most of them weighing about 300 Kgs and reaching speeds over 100Kmph. Knowing how to handle the vehicle and hence taking a hands-on training course is crucial.

2. Appropriate Setting – Paved or concrete roads are unsafe to ride an ATV vehicle and so are extremely rugged terrains, especially for new riders.

3. The Right ATV – Adult ATVs are made for riders above the age of 16. There are smaller ATVs with engines below 90cc available in several dealers such as the Polaris India Dealers. The safest ones can be as small as 50cc and equipped with remote controls to maintain balance if the child loses control.

4. Inspection – Tires and rims need to be checked for damage and the controls and cables need to be intact before every ride. The riders also need to check the chains for worn links if any and the sprockets for any broken teeth.

5. Protective Gear – ATVs tend to flip when not controlled precisely, which makes wearing protective gear such as helmet, gloves, boots, and long pants necessary.

6. No Passenger – ATVs are either single or double seater. If more than the prescribed passengers ride the vehicle, it could very easily topple due to the loss of control and cause unwarranted accidents.

7. Communication Device – There can be times even while riding with other people that the rider can lose their way. Cell phones and walkie-talkie devices come in very handy to locate the teammates and return to safety, hence carry communication devices at all times.

The sport can be challenging and grueling for new enthusiasts, but as they say, practice makes a man perfect. An ATV adventure can prove to be an amazing experience and stay with you forever. Continue to explore new tracks with your new ATV vehicle and remember to keep the above safety tips in mind.

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