Safety Tips While Riding an Off Road Vehicle

Off roading can be real fun if done with all safety precautions in place. The biggest threat of offroading is rollover and both SUVs and ATVs the former being heavy off roading vehicles and later the lighter ones, face the maximum danger for they are driven upon bumpy terrains in India. Every year several people get injured in off road accidents. So here are a few tips to ensure that the next time you hop onto an off roading vehicle with the proper knowledge about all safety precautions.

**One must know the off road vehicle well including all the limits so that the rider does not exceed them while driving in Indian terrains. All appropriate safety precautions must be strictly followed.

**Polaris youth vehicle riders must be prepared for break downs; accordingly all necessary emergency supplies must be carried along.

**A friend or close relative must be aware about the trip. Give off all details pertaining to time limits, location coordinates etc.

**The load must be evenly distributed on both Polaris youth and adult vehicles. This is because too much of loading might affect the CGI of the vehicle.

**The route and location must be surveyed in advance to avoid last minute surprises. Besides a new trail must not be blazed especially by a Polaris youth vehicle rider.

Apart from the above points, an off road vehicle rider should be open-minded about the trip. In case they get stuck, they can seek help of their peers because every rider has a limitation. Thus, while riding an ATV or any other off roading vehicle, it is best to leave ego back at home and enjoy the ride to the fullest.


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