Safety Rules for Youth ATV Riders

Polaris Youth ATVATVs are the most popular recreational vehicles amongst youth and adults. ATVs also serve as utility vehicles because of their load hauling property. Despite the fact that ATVs are fun to ride as well as useful to carry out chores on open lands, riding them can be risky. The danger limits are more for inexperienced drivers or for youth who fail to handle them properly.

In order to overcome these driving hazards, ATV manufacturing companies like Polaris have come up with certain safety rules that every youth driver must follow.

Following are the safety guidelines from Polaris exclusively for Indian youth ATV riders.

**Every first time youth rider must undergo a safety rider training course. Such courses are offered by many professional ATV training institutes. A driver gets to enhance the safety knowledge as well as practice basic riding skills with in a controlled environment under strict supervision.

**Children under the age of 8 must not be allowed to operate an ATV. Those who fall in the youth age limit of 8 to 15 are bound to carry a safety certificate. They should mandatorily use proper protection gear like helmets, flags, lights, gloves, ankle high boots, full sleeved tops and full length bottoms. Polaris offers a rider-training instructional DVD and a free helmet with it’s youth ATV products like the Polaris Sportsman 90.

Outlaw® 50 Boardwalk Blue/White

**Young riders who are 8 or 9 years old must be physically fit and mentally capable to maneuver ATVs. They should be ready to judge the drive action on bumpy terrains and be able to make spontaneous spurt related judgments while turning.

**Youth ATV engine sizes are less powerful and reduced in size. Engine sizes of 90cc or lesser are apt for kids. Polaris offers youth ATVs from Polaris like the Sportsman 90, Outlaw 90 and Outlaw 50 are apt for children in the age range of 8 to 15 years.

To make parent-youth ATV riding experience fun and safe, Polaris has a RANGER RZR® 170Side x Side ATV model. Every child requires parental guidance while riding. Hence it is the duty of parents to ensure that their child follows all the above safety rules while riding an ATV.

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