RZR S 800 is Introduced to Gujarat Police to Tackle Off-Road Terrain

RZR S 800RZR® S800 is a high performance sport Side by Side from a leading off-roader and ATV manufacturing company named Polaris. Recently the Gujarat Police placed a bulk order of RZR S 800, which are going to be used as patrolling vehicles in uneven terrains across the state.

True sport agility is offered by RZR® S800 due tolow centre of gravity, wide stance and a long travel suspension that cause the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 35 mph in 3.8 seconds. An on demand true AWD/2WD makes it easy to manoeuvre this all terrain vehicle on bumpy topographies. Additionally, the engine is loaded with features like:

  • 4 stroke twin cylinder
  • 760cc high output
  • Electronic fuel injection.

For a comfortable ride, the RZR has adjustable and interchangeable bucket seats and an adjustable passenger handrail. Up to 10” tilt, steering can be attained for a comfortable operation in the RZR® S800. All Polaris RZRs have a certified roll over protective structure.

Apart from these safety and comfort features, a lot of other accessories can be added onto RZR and ATVs to enhance their riding efficiency. Some of these accessories are aluminium roof, Rear and  front bumper, lock and ride storage box, GPS, dual windshield, graphic options and lots more.

Moreover, having won a huge contract from the Indian government is a green signal towards the smooth ride of Polaris RZR across the Indian subcontinent.

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