Polaris RZR Series vs. Polaris Dirt Bike

Polaris RZRPolaris India offers a wide range of off roading vehicles for Indian adventure sports enthusiasts like dirt bikes, side x side series, youth ATVs, snowmobiles, defence rides, and entry level ATVs.  Two popular varieties are the Polaris RZR series and the dirt bike range. Even though every Polaris vehicle is capable of carry out every task on hand like hauling, towing, riding, carrying etc, yet these models are incorporated with specific features for accomplishing certain tasks better than the others. Lets discuss them one by one.

The Polaris RZR Series:

This is otherwise called the UTV or side x side series because these vehicles can carry two people at a time. The CGI is balanced to manage the weight effectively with lower chances of overturning due to weight imbalance. Riders stay strapped to the seats and manoeuvre the vehicle with a steering wheel. Most of them are powered with Polaris’s engine that delivers fast throttle response, high power and superior acceleration irrespective of the type of track. These noiseless cum lightweight engines alongside a strategically placed gear box assist in generating lots of torque. They can conquer corners, whoops, loose soil and straight-ways better due to suspension travel and on demand 4WD. So they make a perfect rally car for a couple! They can also be used for hauling very heavy loads.

The Polaris dirt bikes:

These are otherwise called ATVs, 2-Ups or quads. Polaris manufactures a host of these dirt bikes under the tag name of Sportsman and Scrambler for the Indian market. They travel well on bumpy trails and have a far better turning radius. The rider can steer the vehicle easily with a quick motion, and the rides perform well in forests. It is easy to dismount this vehicle in case of adversities by simply hopping off! It is more physically demanding unlike the UTV as the rider must constantly shift weight to balance the vehicle. They are small, light and are meant for riding and racing. These bikes can also accomplish tasks like hauling, towing and carrying loads well. Being more economical than the side x side series makes them a favourite option amongst youngsters.

The Polaris RZR is capable of carrying two people safely unlike a quad which faces overturning chances on bumpy terrain. Singleton drivers can always go ahead with a dirt bike for racing and adventure riding. Before going for a model, one must be clear headed about what sort of tasks one wants to accomplish with the Polaris make. Both of them need a good initial investment, so the decision must be wisely taken.

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