Polaris ATV for the Youth in You

Polaris, USA based company has been capturing the Indian market ever since it first came in the country in 2011. This blog discusses two specific models of ATV by Polaris that have been launched with the latest specifications and modifications, which sets them apart from the earlier versions.

Polaris industries, a pioneer in snowmobiles and neighbourhood electric vehicles, have been famous for coming out with great looking yet amazing on performance ATVs in the Indian market. Let’s look at two ATV models that have been gaining popularity. One of them is the Polaris Sportsman 90 in India; known for its fuel efficient yet powerful engine. The other is Polaris Phoenix 200 in India; known for its ultra-powerful engine to give you a ride of your lifetime. These models have been crafted intricately to give the rider an experience he would never forget. The company not only focuses on an exhilarating experience while riding, but also pays special attention to the safety aspects. This is why each model comes with inbuilt safety features, to keep the risks in check. Check out the amazing features of these models and assure yourself with never ending excitement.

Polaris Sportsman 90 India

Polaris Sportsman 90 India

his model is a class apart from its likes with a carburetted fuel system and a displacement of 89 cc. The front and rear tires are extremely durable and the wheels are made of stamped steel. The vehicle’s speed control system allows adults to increase the speed to maximum of up to 30 mph/ 48.3kph. It is easily controllable on rough terrain. For the purpose of minimizing any risks, it also comes with daytime running lights, parent adjustable speed limiter and a safety flag. This ensures safer rides, especially for kids. This model offers an unmatchable experience while riding on unconventional terrains.

 Polaris Phoenix 200 India

This is another one of the rough terrain champions offering a displacement of 196 cc, with hydraulic disc brakes at the front, and rear mechanical drum brakes. It comes standard with an automatic transmission featuring an automatic clutch. It is rated to tow up to 300 lbs and can carry up to 70lbs of payload on its rear rack. It features 2-wheel drive). While this results in less traction than a 4×4 system, it allows the vehicle to be lighter and handled better. It is ideal for venturing off road into the unknown.

Riding a Polaris ATV will not only make you feel like a daredevil amidst the dirt, but also equip you with the right amount of control over your vehicle, so that wherever you go, fun follows. So what are you waiting for? Book a ride you would never want to end!

Polaris Phoenix 200 India

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