A Peek into the History of ATV

Nowadays many manufacturers have developed highly sophisticated models and have made them available for public use. For instance, Polaris ATV store have been mushrooming across regions, and many adrenalin junkies are seen flocking around these stores and ogling at the … Continue reading

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All you need to know about snowmobiles

There are many ways of escaping our everyday life in bustling cities and still many sports which could help us in satiating our adventure lust. Rafting, motor rallies, paragliding, mountain trekking, bungee jumping are some of the popular adventure sports. … Continue reading

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Are electric cars a better substitute to fuelled ones?

Sure, the ideology of preserving the environment is fine, but what is the road ahead for electric cars in India? The fact of the matter is that the EV trend is still fairly new in the country. Maybe a glimpse … Continue reading

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Essential features for off-road vehicles

If you are still in a dilemma, then consider driving off road vehicles that is touted as the true rural all-rounder. These wheels give good mileage, have great hauling ability and come with plenty of spare parts. Also, the off-roaders … Continue reading

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Polaris – The Best in the Business

India is growing and in the last few decades, it has been the potential market for almost every product. There are so many products that are produced here in India and there are also many products that India imports. The … Continue reading

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Dive Off-road with Dirt Bikes

In a land far away where no human soul wanders; away from the abode of the ‘civilized’, some people find a way to thrill themselves. So, if you are the one who lives on the edge, enjoys speed and does … Continue reading

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Enhance Your Riding Experience with Polaris Vehicles

Recently I saw a video of an extremely thrilling race between two snowmobilers. The racers were gliding from the top of the mountain to the bottom and it bewildered me as to what snowmobilers can really do. Though it has … Continue reading

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Polaris Off Road Vehicles in India: Utility and Options

Founded in 1954, Polaris is best known for Off Road Vehicles (ORVs) initially building Snow Mobile as early as in 1956. Further, the brand expanded its territory, introducing its first All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) in 1985 and Rangers in 1998 and … Continue reading

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The Polaris ATV Experience

Maximize your experience with the. Yes, it is the All Terrain Vehicle that the adventure junkies cannot seem to stop talking about. It brings about experiences that will leave the biker in such an adrenaline rush that it will satiate … Continue reading

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Polaris Youth Vehicle: ATV for kids

Polaris offers a wide array of diversified Off-road vehicles including Youth Vehicles especially designed and manufactured for kids aged between 6 to12 years of age and above. Here are a few models from the Youth series with parent adjustable speed … Continue reading

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