Most Important Characteristics of 4×4 Vehicles

Off road vehicle like 4x4s are built to ply smoothly on uneven tracks. These vehicles are loaded with features that allow them to glide effortlessly and be manoeuvred easily on bumpy trails. Here are a few characteristics of these vehicles which are responsible for their performance.

-These vehicles are fitted with large tires that have huge grooves that grip hard on rocky patches and ply effortlessly on sandy trails.

-They have a low range and differential lock whenever needed. That is the vehicles have an in-built 4WD system that engages automatically on demand.  In case the obstacle has been conquered, the wheels robotically switch to 2WD mode. The latest 4×4 vehicles have a true AWD or positive traction 4×4.

-Some models have a high travel suspension which is why they come with large clearances. That is why the vehicle hardly ever gets stuck due to logs, rocks, plants, trees etc.

-The vehicles are responsive and some of them even sense the bumpiness ahead automatically.

Thus 4X4 vehicles are built to maneuver smoothly on uneven terrain without much effort from the rider. Their feature loaded bodies make the job all the more easy on any kind of unpaved terrain.

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