How to Maintain Your ATV for Extreme Performance

ATVs require regular maintenance for it accounts for the massive difference between safe riding or a fatal accident. The modern day models of ATVs especially snowmobiles, such as the latest Polaris Rush Pro R ES India, might require less maintenance, but they still need a lot more attention than a regular car.

How to maintain your ATV for extreme performance

Best Tips to Maintain an ATV:

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your ATV properly for the best performance.

  • The tires of an ATV should be properly inflated at all times. Both over-inflation and under-inflation can lead to a tire burst; and that could be a dangerous situation. So before venturing out, check the tires for a few minutes.
  • ATVs have two brake fluid reservoirs (front and back); both must be should be checked regularly and topped off as and when needed.
  • The fuel filter and fuel lines are not a preventative maintenance on an ATV. Make sure that your ATV’s fuel filter is clean; it must be replaced every two years.
  • Regular oil and filter changes are vital to keep your ATV running at optimum performance.
  • The battery needs very little monthly maintenance so keep it charged to a 100%. Do it when the lights appear dim or the starter sounds weak.

Thus, as a rider, you have to check several things on an ATV on a regular basis. That does not mean you spend all your time behind maintenance and will have no time left for a spin! Its just that you have to make maintenance a part of your ATV riding regime for optimum performance and plan accordingly.

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