How to Ensure the Safety of Kid’s with their ATVs?

ATV or an All-Terrain Vehicle is fun! It can go over the forests, land on the fields or be driven anywhere you like. In fact, Polaris Youth ATVs have found widespread popularity with kids and younger ones in India because they are challenging and stimulating at the same time. But the fast and fun ATVs can be furious as well, especially if you don’t ensure the safety of your kid. Check out some of these simple ways to ensure the safety of your kids when they are riding an Polaris Youth ATV.

How to Ensure the Safety of Kid's with their ATVs

Ensure that your child follows these safety measures while riding an ATV

1. First and foremost buy an ATV that’s suitable. For instance, Polaris RZR, affordably priced is a safe option for driving. At the same time, know whether the child is physical developed to operate it. For the same, ask your child to stand on the foot of the ATV and grasp the handlebars. Now, notice that there’s at least 3 inches of clearance or a gap between the child’s seat of pants and the ATV seat. Simply, notice whether or not your child can throttle and squeeze brake with a single hand. Check if s/he reads a bike confidently and notice their matureness to handle.

2. Most of the ATV accidents turn into gruesome injuries because the child isn’t wearing a helmet. So, teach your younger one to wear a proper gear. Be an example yourself as well. At the same time, keep good emergency repair kit and a first aid with the ATV.

3. Never force a child to ride an ATV. An afraid kid will not be confident enough to ride it safely.

4. Notice power and speed of the vehicle. For instance, the ATV engine size for a 6-11 year old should be under 70cc, for 12-15 years should be from 90cc to 170cc and 16 years or older can drive over 170cc. Teach them about drive lines and supervise the control.

We at Polaris India offer a variety of recreational Youth ATVs Polaris RZR 170 in India for kids and adults. Visit our Youth ATV section for more details.

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