Go Green, Choose Polaris Electrical Vehicles

The market for Polaris electrical vehicles in India is slowly and steadily increasing. Their electric GEM electric car range has been hogging a lot of attention. They are not just useful for general use but also for commercial purposes. These cars currently come in three models while the fourth one will be launched soon.

  1. GEM e2: An electric vehicle in India needs to be multi-purpose as that is something most Indians want. GEM e2 is a two-seater passenger electric vehicle that is perfect for industries that deal in valets, security patrolling, Campus patrolling and even commuting with a neighbourhood. It is made of aluminium and is therefore light and has an advanced suspension with 4-wheel braking. It has a 72-volt battery system with an on-board charger. There is a 2-year vehicle protection plan as well.

  1. GEM e4: This one has features almost the same as the GEM e2. However, this one is a four-seater. So it can be used for more varied purposes. A college campus can have a few for student transportation; a business park can keep these to transport clients to a particular building. Then hotels can use them for similar purposes. A real-estate business can use them for site tours for clients.

  1. GEM e6: Again the features are the same, such as the aluminium frame, four-wheel braking and the 72-volt battery system with an on-board charger. However, its utility increases manifold as it can seat six passengers. So it can be used in places where the number of people to be carried is always more, say transporting people from parking place to a monumental site which is far off.

Besides these, Polaris will also soon launch the GEM e4S. Polaris not only manufacture the electric car but also deal in the Indian motorcycles range, apart from other off-road bikes in India, vehicles, snowmobiles and commercial and government vehicle.

Polaris electric vehicles in India are a great choice for such establishments looking for economical and eco-friendly options.

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