Features of a Police Vehicle

Police forces in India across the globe use cars, motor bikes, jeeps, cruisers, busses, ATVs and several other high-end vehicle models to cover ground work. The ground work basically includes officer transportation, transport suspects, patrolling assignments, responding to incidents as well as assistance in other forms of duties. So these policing vehicles are modified passenger cars or vehicles with modified features. Some of these features are as follows:

•Cop cars or vehicles include fine-tuning for higher resilience, ability to attain very high Polaris RZR® S 800speeds, elevated mileage driving and long periods of idling in high temperature conditions. So the cars might have heavy duty brakes, suspensions, cooling systems, tires and modified engines.


•Safety equipment in police rides are first aid kits, life support systems, fire extinguishers, barrier tapes, life buoys etc.

•Some even have audible and active or passive visual warning systems. The passive ones are markings on the vehicle whilst active ones are light bars at the top. Audible warning systems include sirens, two way radios with FM transmitters to work in short ranges, air horns etc.

•Some advanced vehicles also include mobile data terminals and vehicle tracking systems. The tracking systems might be a GPS or a simple radio triangulation.

•CCTVs enabled police vehicles have video cams to record activities that happen inside and outside the police transport system.

•Modified armoured personal carriers are also a certain type of transportation means that are used to curb riots.

Special cars are also used by police men to trap criminals with the help of special bait vehicles. Hence features present in a police vehicle depend on the function and vehicular built.



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