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Polaris Breeze EV

The Ranger class of Side-by-Side vehicles has so much to recommend it: power, class, safety, comfort, durability, and strength. These are heavy-duty and high-capacity vehicles, engineered to for side-by-side riding even as they realize their go-anywhere-while-towing-and-hauling potential. Other than continuing to make ever stronger and more powerful machines, what more could we do to improve on such an already impressive array of features?

The answer is “the electric advantage.” Imagine a Ranger Side by Side that NEVER needs gas and takes you to any kind of Terrain.That is the advantage of the Ranger EV (electric vehicle). It is a common misconception that when it comes to EVs, you have to choose: performance and workability OR economy. We did our best to prove this wrong and to bring the electric advantage to the Ranger without sacrificing existing strengths. The fact that the Ranger Side by Side EV offers a 500lb cargo box with a 1,250lb towing capacity means that the Ranger still gives the kind of workhorse power that you’ve come to expect. With its 48V high-efficiency AC-Induction electric motor and 11.7kWh maximum-power battery pack with a three-mode system (High, Low, and Max Range), the Ranger EV has the longest range in its class of electric vehicles.

With the Ranger Side by Side EV, you’re still going all the places you want, but now you’re also going cleaner and greener.

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