Electric Vehicles – Know all about your new Vehicle

Every car buyer in India must have realised by now that petrol is expensive and so is diesel. These are non-renewable fuels and could run out soon. Indian drivers who are buying new cars these days should be aware of the fact that most automobile giants like ATV manufacturers and car makers have come up with battery powered vehicles; this is an alternative technology which is growing popular every minute. So the next time you step in the Indian vehicle market to buy a car, you might just land up checking out an electric vehicle or EV. This blog lists down a few key points to add to your EV knowledge base:
Polaris GEM e2EVs convert almost the entire stored up electrical energy to power at the wheels and vehicle propulsion. This makes them highly fuel efficient unlike petrol or diesel cars.

Electric motors in these cars provide a clean alternative to the internal combustion engine. It is safer to drive these cars too. Besides carbon dioxide emissions are reduced to a great extent in these vehicles because there is no tail pipe emission. Adding to this is the fact that electricity generated from nuclear, hydro, solar or wind energy plants actually have no air pollutants. So this clean energy is ultimately used in the cars.
Polaris GEM e4Electric motors are noiseless and offer a smooth operation. Best part is that one need not burn a hole in the pocket behind vehicular maintenance.

Thus electric vehicles are here to stay because these futuristic automobiles have redefined on-road movement right from scratch. Research is still on to devise better powered battery technology in the future.

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