Electric Vehicles: Do they Come with Restrictions?

Electric Vehicles in India are witnessing a drop for two major reasons- one, there are less or absolutely no charging points on the way for these cars, like petrol and diesel fuelling stations. The other possible reason is the higher maintenance cost when compared to two wheelers or other 4X4 vehicles. The electric vehicles in India have no major restriction, but require the attention of government to set up charging points and relax the guidelines for owning one.

restrictions over electric vehicles in India

Are you one of those who like us cannot tolerate the growing pollution and does not want to be the one contributing to its growth? Vehicles are a major contributor to pollution. But, General Motors gave us a solution by building the first ever Electric Vehicle. The Electric Vehicles in India are not a rage, as in other countries. What could be the possible reason for this unpopularity? Because in urban areas, nearly every household own 4 X 4 vehicles, every college going child in the rich families, owns a car. Is cost the only major factor for this drop? Or are there a number of restrictions on the government front and on the personal front when it comes to using these vehicles in India?

India is one of the biggest automobile markets in the world. The Electric Vehicles in India did not take off well because of the availability of low cost diesel vehicles in the market. Buying a two wheeler was a better option than buying 4 X 4 vehicles.

Recharging their batteries was one of the biggest worries whenever the owner set out of the house, thus major up and down is done around the house, for safe return. The cost of maintenance of these vehicles was also a little higher. But, on a brighter side, we agree they have restrictions, but there are innumerable advantages of using this vehicle too. We suggest you pay more attention to them and carry a spare fully charged battery to replace the drained out car battery.

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