Dirt Biking 101: Starting with the Essentials Tools

Biking is fun. Biking in dirt, loose mud and gravel makes it funnier and heart throbbing.

Dirt Biking, the art of creating dirt clouds while you swoosh past through them, is a relatively new sport in India and is grabbing quite an attention for itself.

Whether you are a rookie or a pro, in this blog we are talking about some dirt biking essentials that’ll help you in the long run and make sure you win it every time.

Getting the right bike

The first and foremost important thing is to get the right bike for yourself. If you are looking for a dirt bike in India, Polaris is the place to go. Polaris is one of the pioneers in dirt bikes and ATVs worldwide. Polaris dirt bikes prices in India are placed on a competitive level considering the recent beginning of this sport in India. A low price tag doesn’t always mean low quality. Polaris makes one of the best dirt bikes in the world.

Getting other tools for your trail ride

  1. Tow Rope, tire kit and manual pump: In case, something happens to your bike. You must have a tow rope to bring it back to your garage. You cannot predict a flat tire. While out for a long journey in you must always have a tire repair kit and a manual air pump.
  2. GPS or a cell phone with GPS: Off-road by definition means road and areas that are unexplored by most. There is a greater chance of getting stuck in these areas due to any unforeseen circumstances. In situations such as these, you must always have a backup or at least a method of calling one.
  3. First Aid Kit: Not just with dirt bikes, you must always have a first aid kit available at most places. Carry a first kid in your bike.
  4. Rehydrating fluids: Always make sure to carry some drinks for the road. When traveling off road on your dirt bike, you must have something to rehydrate yourself frequently.

5. A Good Biking suit: Getting a good biking suit is of utmost important to protect you from getting hurt in case of an accident. Biking suit protects all major areas from the impact and does a good job of protecting your skin from the harsh climate and tough terrain.

Follow these initial guidelines to have a safe riding experience.

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