Difference between Regular & Military-grade ATVs

Military-grade all-terrain vehicles (ATV) have a lot of high end features to ensure that the vehicles perform smoothly in the harshest possible conditions. They are loaded with some interesting features that ensure powerful performance and agile movement; such features are normally absent in regular ATVs because regular ATVs are supposed to carry out daily chores and at the max are used for adventure sports purposes.

Difference Between Regular ATV vs Defence ATV

Difference between Regular & Military-grade ATVs

Here is a list of some points that differentiate military-grade ATVs from regular ones.

  • Military grade ATVs have tough tyres for endurance and higher grip. For example the Polaris Industries offers the Terrain Armor™ non-pneumatic airless tires (NPT) in its line of military vehicles. In the Polaris RZR® SW, both front and rear tires are 26 x 9-12 Maxxis Bighorn unlike a regular ATV model.
  • Military ATVs also have military-grade fully automatic single-speed transmission. Regular ATVs have automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H transmission coupled with on-demand true AWD/2WD.
  • The overall vehicle size (L x W x H) and dry weight of military grade all-terrain vehicles are always more than regular ATVs.
  • Military grade ATV also has more payload capacity. For example the Polaris Ranger Crew 800 in India built for defence and military use from Polaris has a 1750 lb (793.8 kg) payload capacity while the regular RZR® S 800 from Polaris has a 740 lb (335.6 kg) capability.
  • Military ATVs have an advanced cargo system feature, e.g. the Polaris Metal Rack w/ Litter Mount. The regular ATVs have a simpler lock & a ride cargo box.

The above are a few major differences between military grade ATVs and regular ATVs.
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