Defence Vehicle – Required Features and Specifications

Government, military and defence needs are different than general public, particularly when it comes to all terrain vehicles. Defence vehicles need to have a particular set of features and specifications to ensure their usefulness in extreme situations. Some of their required features and specs are mentioned below.

ATVs for defence should practically with long travel suspension. It should have at least a 4-stroke twin cylinder and hydraulic disc with dual bore front calipers for brakes, ensuring that it can be used in extreme off-road areas. Incredible horsepower, like 800 EFI high-output engine can give a vehicle the edge required for a defence vehicle. Similarly, wide stance with long travel suspension can be a standard spec for these vehicles. Polaris RZR S 800 in India is the best example for such exciting features.

Defence Vehicle - Required Features and Specifications

Defence vehicle and off road vehicles need to be different from regular ones.

Military police vehicles should have a powerful engine as well. True All-Wheel Drive is another feature that can make all terrain vehicles perfect for defense and military services. Specs should also include special rear box, wherein the military can carry 500 pounds of cargo. Keyless ignition is perfect spec for a defense used vehicle that is driven by multiple operators.

Superior ergonomics, fuel efficient diesel power and fully adjustable suspension are other favorable specs for a vehicle driven by a defense team. Aggressive body and design, with lock and ride features is a spec that can’t be ignored. Such a feature can help military officials to ride with a compatible rear rack ready to carry gear.

We at Polaris India offer ATVs and other vehicles for defence and military purposes.

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