Best Off-Road Vehicles in India

Interested in purchasing off-road vehicles or the best off-road bikes in India? Then, check out these awesome products from Polaris!

Outlaw 50 Boardwalk Blue/White

With its 4 stroke engine and the two-wheel drive, this Polaris model is going to woo you. The electric start vehicle has daytime running lights, offers such functionality and protection.

The vehicle comes with safety tether as well as long- travel rear suspension with other features like safety flag and an instructional DVD to help you start using the vehicle. The best part- it can be driven by anyone age 6 years or older!

Indian Scout

The superior performance of this bike makes it one of the best off-road bikes in India. The midsize bike is reborn for the 21st century. And you can upgrade it with stylish Stage 1 Straights Slip-on Exhaust among other products. This one is guaranteed to deliver powerful, outstanding performance while adding style to your riding experience.

Polar RZR XP 4 900

Fall in love with this trail- friendly vehicle which allows you to operate the machine in low gear while providing the top speeds over 70 kilometers an hour. Plus, the high-flow clutch intake system gives this product an edge.

Designed with the HP ProStar 900 engine, the product has been especially tuned to provide maximum power without compromising the performance. That’s the reason you will love it!

Polar Sportsman XP 850 HO EPS

This premium quad bike is one of the best off-road bikes you are going to come across. It offers maximum power and functionality. This product features active descent control so that you can monitor the control uphill and downhill. At the same time, the high output engine gives it an edge as it cranks out 77 HP. Outstanding acceleration makes it such a delightful off-the road bike for those who love riding and exploring.

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