ATVs in India and their Availability in the Market

Off road roaders who love to explore new terrains can indulge into brand new ATVs. Quite a few companies are presently marketing ATVs in India and these vehicles can be bought from various Poalris dealerships. A company that deals in some of the best off road vehicles in India is Polaris. This company is a wholly owned subsidiary of USA based Polaris Industries. There are 16 dealership outlets of the company across the length and breadth of India and buyers can book any model of their choice at one of these centres. Polaris RZR is one of the best selling from the company that has taken the Off Road market by a storm; price and features of this vehicle are interesting and the entire package seems to be a good deal for a first time off roader. Best part is that the range includes a 170cc variant for youngsters and beginners to 1000 cc for extreme adventure enthusiasts.

Polaris ATVsPolaris RZR






Off road vehicles like the Polaris RZR can be used to carry passengers, haul loads, survey plots and carry out many other tasks. Besides they are fitted with powerful engines making them an excellent adventure ride vehicle too. Adults who are a little bit experienced in off roaders can go with these off road vehicles as well as use them for utility functions in farms, barns, gardens and rocky patches. The only thing to make a note of is that off road vehicle must not be used on concrete roads for these vehicles are meant specifically for bumpy tracks and forest trails. On the other hand, usage of proper safety gear is also advisable while riding an ATV.

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