A Guide to Buying 4×4 ATV Vehicles

The adventure sports industry has seen a massive growth since the advent of 4×4 all terrain vehicles into its sphere. This is because an ATV rider does not balance making these vehicles easier to manoeuvre than motorbikes. Apart from sports, they also can be used as farm, plot, military and police transport. Every ATV driver must be aware of a few important points before buying a 4×4 vehicle.

  • 4×4 all terrain vehicles can be classified into utility, sport, side-by-side and kid or youth ATVs. Based on the vehicle’s usage, ATVs have different characteristics. An ATV with a large motor helps to tow cargo. A short travel suspension is also an added advantage in such an ATV. Lightweight ATVs can be manoeuvred over bumpy terrains for sharp turns and jumps making. Side-by-side RZRs carry the passenger right next to the driver. These are heavy duty ATVs that have a good suspension and powerful engine to take heavy loads.
  • Budgeting needs to be done before buying an ATV. Several credit unions and banks offer loans that can be availed to bring home a brand new ATV.
  • Incase of used ATVs, a buyer should check for rust and rattling noises. Inspecting the tyres, motor and air-box are vital.
  • The wheels of a 4×4 ATV must be selected depending on the purpose of the vehicles’ usage, the type and the size of the vehicle. Wheels are categorised into 5 types basing on the type of terrain.
    • Trail
    • Sand
    • Mud
    • Snow
    • Racing

These are a few points that can be reviewed before buying an ATV. The salesman’s knowledge about different models and associated features can be tapped upon by behaving politely. But one must stay close to the decided budget and try not to get carried away.

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