3 Tips for Learning How to Take Jumps on a Quad ATV

Professional off-roading and racing enthusiasts frequently engage in ATV races wherein they make freestyle stunts. Indian youngsters who love such adrenaline rushes have started owning and buying brand new ATVs. Making jumps on a quad ATV is one such stunt that looks exciting but can be a dangerous trick for a novice. In order to jump perfectly, one must practice methodically in advance.

There are several tricks possible on a quad ATV like cliffhanger, single jumps etc. A beginner riding an ATV for the first time must be careful enough to take make small advances to avoid accidents. Single jump is the simplest stunt possible on any ATV model. Here are 3 easy steps to do one successfully.

Step 1: A driver must quickly scan the landing area before the jump to locate obstacles. Once the area is scanned properly, the ride begins. Crouching the body in an attack position helps gain speed before hitting the ramp. This is followed by bent knees and open elbows to prepare for an upward pull.

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Step 2: This is followed by acceleration to attain a desirable speed for a controlled movement towards the ramp. Small ramps have less jumping distance so they need lesser throttle while large ramps with more jumping distances need more throttle.

Step 3: Rider now lifts the body upward to keep the ATV’s front end higher than rear while departing from the ramp so that the vehicle lands on rear wheels steadily.

If a rider practices all the movements described in the above 3 steps, he or she can accomplish a perfect single jump! Happy off-road riding!

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