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3 Tips for Learning How to Take Jumps on a Quad ATV

Professional off-roading and racing enthusiasts frequently engage in ATV races wherein they make freestyle stunts. Indian youngsters who love such adrenaline rushes have started owning and buying brand new ATVs. Making jumps on a quad ATV is one such stunt … Continue reading

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ATV for Sale in India! – Find the Best Deals for ORVs and ATVs

Indian terrain is full of tough spots that are best for off-roading and adventure riding. No wonder every year, several Indian adventure-sports enthusiasts indulge into brand new ATVs manufactured by leading brands. Several models of ATVs and ORVs have made … Continue reading

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Safety Rules for Youth ATV Riders

ATVs are the most popular recreational vehicles amongst youth and adults. ATVs also serve as utility vehicles because of their load hauling property. Despite the fact that ATVs are fun to ride as well as useful to carry out chores … Continue reading

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles like battery powered cars and ATVs are the future of transportation technology. They are emission free, energy efficient and convert renewable energy into motion. But they do not attain high speeds like their internal combustion engine counterparts. These … Continue reading

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Buy Polaris Quad Bikes in India

Polaris has brought in a number of ATVs for professional, youth and entry level Indian riders. These vehicles include both powerful and sober ATV models that suit the needs of all types of riders across various age groups. The popular … Continue reading

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Polaris RZR Series vs. Polaris Dirt Bike

Polaris India offers a wide range of off roading vehicles for Indian adventure sports enthusiasts like dirt bikes, side x side series, youth ATVs, snowmobiles, defence rides, and entry level ATVs.¬† Two popular varieties are the Polaris RZR series and … Continue reading

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Tips to Keep In Mind While Using Polaris Youth ATV

The Polaris youth ATVs are designed for off road driving on jagged tracks. Muddy stretches, farm floors and grassy fields are basically served by these ATVs to dole out odd jobs. The Polaris Youth ATVs or all terrain vehicles have … Continue reading

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What’s So Great about the Polaris Sportsman?

Polaris is the largest manufacturer and distributor of ATVs in the world. All models are conceptualized in state of the art units that are at par with every global standard in place for all terrain vehicles. They are assembled with … Continue reading

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